Urn Options

Urn Options

Selecting an urn is a personal choice based on the customs, traditions and interests of your loved one’s life.

Urns are available in a wide range of materials and many can be personalized to create a custom remembrance for your loved one. We also offer options such as jewelry, charms and other keepsakes so a loved one can be kept close and remembered in a special way.

Please view our Urn Options Catalog for the wide range of selections available or contact one of our caring staff to learn more.

Customer Reviews

Linda R.

I had a wonderful and knowledgeable person helping me at LA Cremation. He walked me through what needed to be done and the decisions that needed to be made.  Thank you very much for making a difficult and painful experience much more comfortable and less heartbreaking.  The staff really cares about the people that come in and are very caring, concerned, helpful and just wonderful in every single way.

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